Friday, December 26, 2008

The resolution game

This will be the year that I continue my resolution without giving up. What good is a resolution that doesn't last, right? Well I have done a survey of other peoples resolution plans and was shocked to find that many of them aren't participating in the resolution game this year. They know all too well that it is a promise meant to be broken. After all, why set yourself up for almost certain failure and the depression that follows. A resolution might be thought of as an admission of some sort of dysfunction and a desire to correct it. Some may think it's a sort of "to do list" of things we want to do but don't get around to. But I believe a true resolution is made in the spirit of self-improvement. It should also be realistic yet challenging. So here is my short list of resolutions:
1. Daily exercise--In the past I have tried to go to the gym 3 times a week, this has worked out to actually going once a week. I will try for a daily workout and then end up actually going three times a week.
2. Spend less--this is easy, no money=less spending.
3. Be more disciplined and less philosophical--Kolb and many astrologers know it is easier for me to think about the reasons for doing things than to actually do them. This is my dysfunctional personality flaw/habit. In order to be successful at this resolution I will have to surround myself with other highly disciplined people. I will either end up more like them or just stay the same but have a greater understanding of just how extremely lazy I am compared to them.
So there it is, if I fail at two of these goals, I can still take credit for at least one--I think the rules of the game are that you only need to make one resolution. In the worst case scenario, all three fail; then I am just like all of my friends. I guess its a win-win no matter what.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Misery is magnificent

With so much family togetherness during this blissful holiday season, I have learned something about myself. I am not usually happy unless I am unhappy. Not truly unhappy....but just a bit discontent. I find that my road to motivation and fulfillment in life is non-productive when everything seems great. Without neurotic anxiety concerning most life issues, I feel like life is just elevator music. Complaining and worrying are two of my favorite sports. When people ask me how things are going, I may begin with the banal "great, and how are you?' But the truth is so much better. Who really cares if everything is great? It's like those annoying Christmas letters people write to tell everyone about achievements, trips, recognition etc. Isn't that the height of insincerity? I would way rather know about their struggles, fears, doubts and disasters. Then I would know how much we have in common and understand their experience; It would be real. Living like Polyanna is overrated, who ever got anything great done without suffering a little? Although I will admit that real suffering is horrible and I wouldn't wish that on anyone, pseudo-suffering is fun. So my holiday advice is to eat, drink and be merry, and then do some therapeutic bitching. Family members and friends will know and love the real you.