Sunday, January 25, 2009

Morning People

Are you a morning person? It's alright if you are, really, but I am not. I have been reminded of this phenomenon over and over again because I am married to a morning person. It is barely ten o'clock on Sunday morning. I was awake at 7:00 when I began my leisurely exploration of the possibilities of the day. My significant other was up cleaning the house, organizing, practicing piano, making breakfast, doing laundry and making business deals. I am always mystified at what drives this kind of early task accomplishment. Can't we just do it later? But the morning person doesn't see it that, no, their motto is "don't put off until later what can be done while others are still in REM". Is it a secret competition? They could be keeping score...(morning person/8 things done by 6 AM vs. other losers/nothing done until 10 PM). Morning people are not like us and they know it. They are more productive, more disciplined, they know how to get it done. While Nike tells us unmotivated sorts to "just do it", morning people are laughing and thinking about how their task obsession will pay off with early retirement benefits and an impressive bio should they ever kick off. Now if I kick off early, my bio would include some noteables but should also include the giant list of impressive things I haven't done, but intend to do. If it all ends before lunch today, my blog posting is proof that I did something today.


Ray of Sunshine said...

Hey, I'm not at all a morning person either, but I'm forced to be, too since my daughter and partner wake up at the crack of dawn to get ready for school every morning. My daughter can't seem to sleep past 5am and my partner wakes up between 4 and 5am to get ready to catch the train to get to school approximately 50 miles from our residence. It's difficult sometimes for us late sleepers to start our day especially when forced to by someone who doesn't quite get it. I so understand your frustration. While I'm rolling over on my 4th dream, she's waking me up to make her breakfast and cappuccino and my daughter's trying to get me to sign like seven forms from school that she could've had me sign the night before. It's a mess, but ya gotta love those morning people, lol! Sometimes their efforts seem to whip us right into shape, but before sunset I know I'm worn out and ready for bed by 7pm when I know I usually don't go down 'til like 11pm or midnight. Hang in there!


Andy Egizi, Program Coordinator said...

I pick up my CPAP this Tuesday so maybe I'll be more of a morning person. If so, I don't foresee waking up and jumping right into chores and such. I'll be just as lazy on weekends, just better rested.

Beth C. said...

Hey Andy, I hope the CPAP works for you. I have had several long periods of insomnia, it is no fun to be tired all the time. I bet other great bloggers are fellow insomniacs. I think part of my morning dysfunction is a carried over teenage rebellion against the establishment. Part of me wants to live on berries and throw my clocks away. The other part thinks its too fun blogging and shopping.